BHV en EHBO trainingen in Utrecht

Welcome to Schok & Pomp, where we offer comprehensive  CPR & AED training, first aid and BLS training training and safety officer training in English. Our courses equip you with essential life-saving skills, whether you are a professional responder or someone who wants to be prepared for emergencies.

CPR and AED Training

Performing CPR is crucial in the first minutes of an emergency. Our CPR & AED training, developed by experienced emergency doctors, teaches you to perform CPR and use an AED effectively. All our instructors are medical professionals or medical interns who explain the importance of correct actions during emergencies. Our CPR certificates are valid for 2 years.

CPR for Adults, Children, and Babies

Our CPR & AED course covers the differences in performing CPR on adults, children, and babies. We use different manikins to ensure you know what to do in each situation, based on techniques used by emergency doctors.

First Aid Training

Earn Your First Aid Certificate in 3 Hours

Our first aid courses follow a two-part approach: start with an e-learning module at your own pace, followed by a 3-hour practical training. This minimizes employees’ absence and simplifies scheduling.

  • First Aid for Babies and Children: Developed with pediatricians, this course focuses on immediate action in life-threatening situations for babies and children, with simulations to distinguish between seemingly and truly serious conditions.
  • First Aid for Maternity Care and Newborn Babies: Learn to recognize and act correctly in acute life-threatening situations for infants, gaining accreditation points in the process.
  • First Aid for Adults: Learn the most important practical skills to save an adult’s life in a course developed by emergency medicine doctors.
  • First Aid for (Para-)medics: Accredited training tailored to medical terminology and scenarios, combining e-learning with practical training.
  • First Aid for Sports Injuries: Specifically designed for common sports injuries among athletes.


In-company Customized First Aid Courses

We offer in-company first aid courses throughout the Netherlands, tailored to your specific company needs. Each group consists of 6 to 12 participants, with multiple groups possible.

BHV Training

Our first responder course (BHV) prepares employees to ensure health and safety during emergencies. Developed based on common accidents in Dutch organizations, it includes handling modern risks like burn-outs. The training can be customized to your company’s specific needs.

BHV Childcare Course

Our BHV for Childcare course ensures a safe environment for young children, meeting the IKK law requirements with a legally recognized Oranje Kruis Certificate. Complete the e-learning module at your own pace, followed by a 4-hour practical training focusing on essential skills like CPR and AED use.

In-company Customized BHV Courses

We offer in-company BHV courses tailored to your company’s needs, starting from 6 participants per group.

Wij nemen de cursisten administratie uit handen

Van planning tot rapportage; wij verzorgen de gehele cursistenadministratie voor uw organisatie. HR en opleidingsmanagers krijgen een eigen inlog, zodat zij zelf real-time ieder overzicht in kunnen zien. Bespaar tijd bij uw collega’s en bepaal zelf tot waar u de planning uit handen geeft. 


Altijd een actueel overzicht van het personeelsbestand. Geen handmatige in- en uitdienst lijsten meer doorgeven! Alle certificaten zijn direct inzichtelijk en worden rechtstreeks in het profiel van de medewerker opgeslagen. Door de AFAS-koppeling weten wij welke certificaten er gaan verlopen en wie er ingepland moet worden voor de training. 

Incompany training

Wij geven incompany trainingen door heel Nederland bij u op eigen locatie. Nuttig om tijdens een BHV training bijvoorbeeld de vluchtroute in het pand door te nemen. 

Open inschrijving training

Met onze open inschrijving trainingen is het makkelijk aansluiten: een nieuwe medewerker kan snel voor EHBO of BHV een losse training volgen, in een bestaande groepstraining op locaties door heel Nederland.  

Trots dat wij cursussen geven bij: